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Through a structured and guided discussion you can discover ways to achieve emotional goals and to develop healthy patterns of behaviour. Not only will you acquire new skills and insight, but you will also:

  • Restore personal integrity
  • Regain trust for yourself and your intuition
  • Resolve negative behaviour patterns
  • Identify your true personal needs
  • Enjoy a vibrant love relationship
  • Identify fulfilling and healthy love relationships
  • Make conscious decisions
  • Live more fully every day rather than simply
    surviving or coping
  • Increase fun and enjoyment of life
  • Understand what is needed to really satisfy YOU
  • Stop tolerating things that bother or upset you

Stop repeating the same patterns of behaviour that hinder your relationships and your life! The pain you experience from these patterns can end. However, first you must address and eliminate the underlying issues which are causing this behaviour and perpetuating the cycle. Once this has been achieved you will enjoy healthy and happy love relationships.

With my guidance and your participation we will work together to complete a Reality Check Assessment and establish a Master Action Map of your life. This map will allow us to identify which behaviour(s) you want to change and explore satisfying ways of having your needs met.

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